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Why am I the way now, but not the way others are?The decision I made when I was 17 affected my whole life

The photo was taken by author

Looking back, every step of my life journey was related to one thing, the German language.

I was born in China. My parents worked in a local…

My earliest memory

The world of children is completely different from the world of adults

Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash

My earliest memory impressed me deeply.

When I was about 3 years old, I played a lot with the boy next door. He was a little older than me. We often exchanged items, like food and toys.

One day, he wanted to taste my apple, while I was eager for…

Destiny or coincidence

Coincidences often change our life

moon on the lenzburg castle in Switzerland
My Work ⋆ Canzler Photography with permission

Why are we what we are today? Only because of the decisions we have made? Or it was just the result of many coincidences?

One Sunday night, a full moon hung in the sky and the stars were looming, which were so exciting that we decided to go to a…


Every country has its unique customs

Swiss flags were decorated on the building on the Swiss national day
Swiss National holiday, photo in My Work ⋆ Canzler Photography with permission

I used to think that Switzerland is similar to Germany because they all speak the same language. But after visiting Switzerland several times, I found myself wrong.

First of all, Swiss German is completely different from standard German. It is any of the Alemannic dialects I can’t understand at all…

Happy Place

At high altitudes, there is beautiful scenery and more…

an overview over a small city in Switzerland
Home ⋆ Canzler Photography with permission

In the eyes of many people, Switzerland is a country that is as beautiful as paradise. There are mountains and rivers which are all yearning and nostalgic.

However, many famous attractions are usually filled with a large number of tourists, crowded and noisy. …


Storyteller, traveler, yoga lover, on the way to find a place to rest my heart. Join me by clicking the link below

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