At 42 Years Old, He Decided To Immigrate To Canada

The secret to a successful life

4 min readFeb 8, 2022
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A man of forty-two seems to be at noon in his life: solemn, deep, and empty, it is a pole on the life curve. Standing here, you can see the way you come, facing the front, your heart is uneasy, but you are not as passionate as you were back then. Life is like a magician shaking off his baggage, and there will be no more mystery at all.

But some people do not succumb to age, let alone believe in fate. They are still full of ideals in middle age. They not only toss but also make big moves, just like Tom.

In 2000, Tom had turned 42. This year, he and his wife immigrated to Canada.

As a chief engineer in his home country, he was full of confidence to find his professional job in Canada, but reality hit him hard. Three months after arriving in Canada, all the resumes sent out for job applications have fallen on the deaf ears.

Soon, the money he brought from home couldn’t make the ends meet. Just then, he happened to see a job advertisement for assembly line workers. Tom filled out the application right away and luckily he got the job.

From then on Tom’s life has been going wild with unequaled capacity.

It took him only one year to go from an assembly line worker to a factory technician. After that, he jumped to another company and successfully applied for an engineer position.

Tom didn’t stop there but continued to strive, he took the qualification exam to qualify as a chief engineer again in a foreign country.

Twenty years later, Tom has achieved financial freedom, retired early, and now he is enjoying a free life with his wife.

Sounds amazing! Isn’t it?

At an age when it seems impossible for many people to change much, Tom has gone so far and reached such a high level that everyone looks up and admires him.

How did he achieve all of these?

In an interview, Tom shared humbly his secrets to a successful life.

1. Be grateful for everything you have




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