I Took The Wrong Suitcase When I Got Off The Train — My Wildest Travel Story

Too clever for your own good

4 min readMar 13, 2022
Photo by Angelina Litvin on Unsplash

Travel allows us to see not only beautiful scenery but sometimes embarrassment occurs too, such as delayed flight, bad weather, lost the way, the wallet was stolen, etc.

However, my wildest experience was taking the wrong suitcase when getting off the train.

Some years ago, my husband(ex) was still working in Germany, and I was teaching in China at the time. Every summer vacation, I took my son to Germany to reunite with him.

During the time, my son and I occasionally traveled by ourselves. Once, we were going to Mainz to visit an old friend of mine.

She lives in a remote town more than fifty kilometers from Mainz. We got on the train in a small town in North-Rhine Westphalia and needed to change the train in Mainz to get there.

Before leaving, my husband tied a red ribbon to our black suitcase, which he said would prevent confusion as there are many similar suitcases.

After getting on the train, we put our suitcase on the rack at the door of the carriage. I glanced at the rack and saw that there were indeed several black suitcases, all about the same shape and size as ours. I couldn’t help but marvel at the foresight of my husband.

There were not many passengers in the carriage. My son and I sat by the window and watched the scenery outside the window. After passing through several caves, the train came to the flat terrain, and our vision became wider.

As the train arrived at Mainz station, we got off. Just when I checked the time of the next train, my son suddenly exclaimed, “Mom, we seem to have taken the wrong suitcase”.

The red ribbon was still tied to it, and I remembered that there was no other black suitcase with red ribbons on the rack.

When I opened the suitcase, the first thing I saw was a neatly folded men’s shirt, which was definitely not mine or my son’s.

We took someone else’s suitcase! How could it happen?

The train has stopped several times, and passengers got on and off one after another…



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