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If We’re Different, Let’s Be Different

Everyone is unique

2 min readDec 11, 2022


Photo by Ilona Panych on Unsplash

A lizard shared a room with a lady. Her boyfriend was a little jealous of the lizard and tried to get it out, but she stopped him.

If you’re curious about what happened to the lizard, just click on James Frank Sanders’ link below!

The lady in the above story called the lizard in the room her friend, and I was a little confused at first.

I have a deep fear of reptiles. When I went to the zoo as a kid, I never wanted to go to the snake or lizard enclosure.

If I had to, I would walk briskly with my head down so as not to see the crawling creatures in the terrarium.

They look so ugly and scary to me, I can’t imagine having them in my home.

To my amazement, statistics show that approximately 271 thousand reptiles were owned as pets in Canada in 2020, up from around 267 thousand reptiles in 2016.




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