In Switzerland, The Bells In Church Ring Every Quarter Of An Hour

Do they enchant or annoy?

4 min readFeb 24, 2022


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If you live near an airport or train station, the noise from planes and trains seriously disrupts your life, you can file a lawsuit for damages, and sometimes you’ve a good chance to win.

But if you are living in an area where the church bells ring the whole day, so you can’t sleep at night, are you going to sue the church, and are you sure you will win?

In Switzerland, the bells in church ring every quarter of an hour, and on the hour with a different bell.

Four times an hour, 24 hours a day! Is that too much? The question sparked debate as to whether the church bells should be silenced, and remains inconclusive to this day.

For those who disagree with the removal of church bells, the bells are not noise but music because they have different sounds.

Further, church bells have a positive psychological effect on many people.

They feel better at home, that God is watching over them or whatever — so for these people, they have a psychological meaning. And that’s what makes the difference ringing from other kinds of noise.

— — by Mark Brink, Psychologist and research associate at the Bafu (Federal Office for the Environment)

Credit: the author

But other people do not share this opinion and complain that the church bells are noisy and harmful to human health.

Noise from church bells prevents people from falling asleep and staying asleep. This leads to stress and long-term health impairments that can make people sick.

As for the function of the bell to indicate the time, it has long been unnecessary. Nowadays most people have a watch or a smartphone that can tell them what time it is at any time and anywhere.

Of course, it’s hard to remove church bells entirely, but if possible, avoid ringing them at night.

Sadly, while authorities can regulate noise from traffic and industry, they cannot…




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