Destiny or coincidence

In The Darkness, We Accidently Messed Up A Rendezvous

Coincidences often change our life

3 min readOct 16, 2021
moon on the lenzburg castle in Switzerland
My Work ⋆ Canzler Photography with permission

Why are we what we are today? Only because of the decisions we have made? Or it was just the result of many coincidences?

One Sunday night, a full moon hung in the sky and the stars were looming, which were so exciting that we decided to go to a viewpoint to take some pictures.

As we arrived at the parking lot, we saw a car with the taillight on parked there.

It was about 8 pm, and it was pitch black, you couldn’t see your fingers. People who hiked must have left around this time.

Whose car could it be?🤔

We stepped out of the car, searched around to find out an appropriate place.

At this time, the parked car suddenly started and its motor made a loud noise, then the car drove away like an angry roaring man.

As we were still wondering what happened, another car drove into the parking lot. It parked there, but nobody got off. Weird!🤨

This wasn’t the first time we came here. Similar scenes occurred before too.

This parking lot seemed to be a meeting place for young people.

Image, that a young man has finally won the heart of a girl. She was willing to spend a night with him together. Unfortunately, he couldn’t afford a hotel room.

He convinced his girlfriend to go to a quiet place. When it was getting dark, they drove to the parking lot where nobody was supposed to be around the time.

Then we suddenly appeared. We messed up their romantic rendezvous.

No wonder, that the previous car drove away so violently.

Let me be more mind-blowing!🤪

The two lovers might have produced a child that night without being interrupted by us. The unborn baby could be a genius, or a villain, or just ordinary.

Our inadvertent behavior may have caused the loss of a genius or completely eradicated a scourge for mankind in time.




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