Saint Nicholas Day

Someone Put A Colorful Carton In Front Of My Door At Middle Night

What was in it? A gift or a bomb?

3 min readDec 6, 2021
Photo by David-Olivier Gascon on Unsplash

The world is rich and colorful, and for everyone, the world is never objective. We perceive things with our experience and cognition.

-by Adler in his book “Inferiority and Transcendence

The world in my eyes was once full of hatred and fear so that I even misunderstood the kindness of my friends.

Back to my studying time in Germany. One morning in December, as I opened the door I saw a huge carton with Christmas patterns. A wide ribbon is tied with a beautiful bow in the middle of it.

“What is this?”

At the same time, several incidents of burning houses of foreigners in this country rushed into my mind.

A bomb???

But why here? Who knows that a foreign student is living in this room? Maybe it is someone who is joking with me.

I grabbed the box carefully and put it close to one ear. There was no ticking sound like the time bombs I have ever seen in movies.

Who did this?

But I got to go, otherwise, I would be late for my class.

The whole morning, I couldn’t concentrate on studying.

At noon, I went to the student cafeteria for lunch. Unexpectedly, a Santa Claus was standing at the entrance.

He held a wicker basket in his arms, and there was much doll-shaped bread. Everyone who passed by got a “doll” from him.

I looked at the “doll” in my hand curiously. It has a round face and its eyes, nose, and mouth were all made of black grape kernels. The doll was smiling at me.

Thinking of the “bomb” I encountered in the morning, looking at the sweet “doll”, then it hit me.

Today is Dec. 6th! It is St. Nicholas Day!

In the evening, I opened the carton. There were a plastic Christmas tree and a long string of lights inside. I also found all kinds of decorations for…



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