Stop Pushing The Right Partner Away

Three tips to maintain a healthy relationship



Photo by Scott Broome on Unsplash

“If you find the right person, both of you will enjoy talking, eating, and sleeping together. Your happiness will last because living with the right person can turn a plain life into a fascinating one.”

I once overheard this in a group conversation and it really struck me.

Sounds reasonable but who is the right person for you?

Many people fall in love when they believe that Mr. or Ms. Right has come into their life. Both people feel perfectly matched.

Over time passion tends to fade. Mr. and Ms. Right are no longer Prince Charming or Snow-white anymore. Gradually, the thrilling love adventure becomes dull.

People start to question if their partners are the right persons or wonder why they have changed a lot.

Are we pushing the right partners away?

A couple who are friends of mine come from different countries. Their love is as romantic and beautiful as a fairy tale.

An adventurous backpacker happened to meet a pretty girl on the other half of the earth. They fell in love at first sight and believed that they were made for one another. After many twists and turns, they finally got married and the girl left for a new country.

Shortly after living together, they started to argue. Anything trivial could cause a fierce argument.

The wife’s father came to visit the couple. She gave her father some money before he went back. Her husband wondered how could she just give money to others without asking him. She felt hurt. They argued about it over and over.

Worse still, they both are quick-tempered and go easily into furious if they don’t agree with each other.

Once, after they fought in the middle of the night, she ran to me asking for help. She said that she regretted marrying him and thought he was not her Mr. Right.

When I asked her if she was going to end the relationship, she was hesitant by remembering how kind he was to her. She still cared about him. The next day her husband came to pick her up, with…




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