Traveling On Crutches

Overcome your inner fear

4 min readJan 17, 2022


Author in Venlo Netherlands

Life is not always exciting. Occasionally letting yourself be capricious, might be an adventure but could also be a reward.

Once a friend from Hongkong went to the Netherlands on a business trip. He didn’t have much time, so he asked my husband and me to meet him in the border city -Venlo- between Germany and the Netherlands.

Venlo is about 150 km away from the city we lived in.

We both got excited to visit an old friend, besides we haven’t been to Venlo yet.

Unfortunately, just a few days ago, I fell on the stairs. Although no bones were broken, this accident caused torn tendon on one of the ankles so that my right foot had been put in a plaster cast, which made it difficult for me to move around, not to mention traveling.

At that time we had just moved to a new town in Germany and we didn’t have many friends but colleagues. Life was a rush between two points — home and company.

We were looking forward to changing. Nothing was better than a short trip.

Everyone should take a trip whenever they want.

— by Unknown




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