Solidarity with the blank paper protest

We’re Afraid of Them, But They’re Actually Timider Than Us

Silence, silence!
Unless we burst out, we shall perish in this silence

2 min readNov 29, 2022
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

We fear them because they have armies
They have high-tech electronic handcuffs
They can destroy everything about us at any time

In a time of peace without war
They turned vibrant cities into empty ghost towns
We lost our jobs, we lost our food, we lost our freedom

They are powerful, but what a bunch of cowards they are!

They fear the memory of old people
They are afraid of what young people think
They are afraid of what people say
They are afraid of what people write
They fear the innocence of their children
They are afraid of human kindness

They are afraid of the sun, fire and snowflakes
They are afraid of being honest
They are afraid to be brave
They are afraid of science and the future
They are afraid of the truth
They’re even afraid of A Street Sign¹
and A Blank Sheet of Paper

But we are not afraid of these all!

We are pregnant women bleeding at the hospital gate
We are the victims of the rollover in Guizhou
We are workers fleeing Foxconn
We are the mother and children who died in the fire in Urumqi
If these are not us, if we continue to remain silent, then we are the victims of the next disaster.

They can delete posts at will
They can ban us anytime
But they can’t stop us from saying NO
And they can’t stop us from holding up a blank sheet of paper!

¹on the evening of November 26 (Saturday), Shanghai citizens launched a commemoration of the victims of the Urumqi fire in Xinjiang on Urumqi Middle Road. The incident subsequently developed into a protest and clashed with the police. After the demonstration was suppressed, the police actually removed the sign on Urumqi Middle Road.

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